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5 Steps to Success

A titanium dioxide top layer provides optimum UV resistance and is solar reflective, never requiring any type of covering-i.e stone chippings, solar paint or any other type of protective coating. A unique surface lacquer provides an easy to clean surface which is maintenance free and resistant to any air Bourne chemicals including unsightly moss and algae growth.

High-tech membranes are vapour permeable making it 100% resistant to blistering and as it is a breathable product it will eliminate the risk of condensation.

To achieve a great flat roof we swear by the following five steps:

Stabilized PVC anti-slip Membrane

Our membrane has a unique safe to walk on anti-slip finish. The membrane has optimum resistance to UV light able to cope with all climates worldwide.

This is a maintenance free roof system with no stone chippings, 100% resistant to moss & algae growth, will never blister or become brittle and crack.

Secure Fixing Installation | Mechanical fastened installation system

Membranes are secured to the roof deck giving 100% protection against and wind uplift. A guaranteed fixing method with no glues or resins and no temperature restrictions for installing.

All fixing points have a lap joint along with a fusion weld to permanently waterproof.

Fusion Welded Joints

All joints carry 100% permanent weld, this gives the strongest joint and protection around complicated details areas than any other system available.

Prime & Seal Upstands | Secure Guaranteed Upstands

Coated metal detail trim secured into brickwork thus allowing to cope with all building movement guaranteeing a 100% sealed upstand.

Due to the fact it is screwed into place and then waterproofed makes it impossible to fail like traditional lead or sealant flashings.

Steel Coated Reinforced Edge Trim

Mechanically fixed coated metal edge trim with membrane fusion welded to metal creating a 100 watertight, storm resistant roof edge.

A roof finish which well never blister, crack, lift or warp, creating the strongest roof seal known to man.