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Single-Ply Flat Roofing systems can be the Best choice for Commercial Buildings

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Flat roofs for commercial buildings - High Tech Membrane Roofing many, many years experience in installing flat roofs on commercial properties all across Essex, Kent and London.

Flat roofs are often a design features on many public and commercial properties such as schools, factories, leisure centres and warehouses. These kind of business usually need to maximise it’s internal space and for sure they need to be energy efficient specially they are in operation 24/7.

What’s the difference between a traditional felt flat roof and a membrane roofing system

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Not every flat roof is the same as another flat roof. It would resemble saying that an old second-hand auto you got for a couple of hundred pounds and a fresh out of the box new family 4x4 are the same. Truly, they are the two cars. Indeed, they both (ideally) get you from A to B. Yes, they both have seats and four wheels. However, that is likely where the similarities end.


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