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Eco Green Roofs.Roofs.Roofs.

As our towns and cities increase in density, it is becoming even more important to safeguard our ‘green’ spaces to regenerate lost wildlife habitats and protect our natural heritage for future generations.

Modern planning policy needs to balance growing population demands against our social responsibilities to conserve the natural landscape and enhance our living environment.

Eco Green Roofs

High-Tech’s partnership with Eco Green Roofs achieves these dual aims by offering sustainable roofing design that is not only kinder to the environment but actively promotes it.

Eco Green Roofs can play a key role in inner city regeneration policies, creating vast ‘natural havens’ in the midst of the urban sprawl. And they can help support the ideology of public and private businesses whose reputation relies on the highest ethical and environmental standards for their employees and the general public.

Eco Green Roofs

Planning considerations

‘Green’ flat roofs are often looked on favourably by planning authorities and can help a developer or private business to secure planning consent. In the case of redevelopment, permission for green roofs is rarely required.

Economic benefits

‘Green’ flat roofs can offer long-term financial savings, with lower energy bills and impressive durability that reduces maintenance requirements.

Enhancing the natural environment

‘Green’ flat roofs offer endangered birds and other wildlife a new habitat in which to grow and thrive amid a concrete jungle.

More and more planning authorities are looking for building design which serves a social and environmental purpose as well as a practical one. We can help our clients to deliver long-term sustainability while simultaneously delivering a visual symbol of their commitment to greener living.