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Specialists in flat roof repairs Blackheath.Blackheath.Blackheath.

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As your flat roofer Blackheath, we can be relied upon to deliver flat roof repairs Blackheath for common problems such as leaking roofs, and flat roof systems Blackheath including low-maintenance solutions such as PVC Single-Ply Flat Roofing.

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Flat roofer for Blackheath, High-Tech provides flat roof repairs in Blackheath and throughout Kent and the London area for both commercial and domestic clients. From flat roof repairs Blackheath, to innovative new flat roof systems Blackheath we are ideal flat roofers Blackheath for refurbishment projects and new developments.

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Few flat roofers Blackheath can rival High-Tech for its expertise, professionalism and customer focus. With a satellite office nearby and a head office in South Benfleet we can promise a rapid local response backed by all the benefits of an established major flat roofing company.

How much do you know about flat roofing? Chances are it’s not something you give much thought to, that is until problems occur. Flat roofs are seen UK wide in all sorts of properties, from extensions and porches to garage roofs and roof terraces.

Traditional felt roofs are layed on top of roof joists and they are often covered over with stone chippings as a means of protection. However felt always wears over time, blistering in heat, becoming ever more brittle and eventually cracking. Movement is typically causing slow and protracted water ingress particularly in vulnerable sections such as around roof lights or gullies. Furthermore, moss and algae look unsightly and also trap water.

Another problem is that many insurers will not cover contents protected by a flat roof that has aged over seven years. So it makes sense to look for an effective flat roofing solution that comes fully guaranteed – for a lifetime, in the case of High-Tech!

Our professional Single-Ply Membranes solutions offer optimum performance and lasting good looks. We work with only world-class materials from the leading brands to achieve rigorous quality standards. In fact, we are every bit as demanding as our customers.

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