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Specialists in flat roof repairs Brentwood.Brentwood.Brentwood.

Flat roofers for Brentwood

As your flat roofer Brentwood, we can be relied upon to deliver flat roof repairs Brentwood for common problems such as leaking roofs, and flat roof systems Brentwood including low-maintenance solutions such as PVC Single-Ply Flat Roofing.

Market leading flat roof systems Brentwood

Flat roofer for Brentwood, High-Tech provides flat roof repairs in Brentwood and throughout Kent and the London area for both commercial and domestic clients. From flat roof repairs Brentwood, to innovative new flat roof systems Brentwood we are ideal flat roofers Brentwood for refurbishment projects and new developments.

High-Tech - no 1 flat roofer Brentwood

Few flat roofers Brentwood can rival High-Tech for its expertise, professionalism and customer focus. With a satellite office nearby and a head office in South Benfleet we can promise a rapid local response backed by all the benefits of an established major flat roofing company.

What makes our flat roofing systems different?

Unlike traditional felt flat roofs, we utilise proven Single-Ply Membrane technology to ensure we offer our customers the optimum in performance and longevity. The protection that these solutions offer is dimensionally stable. It will not lift, blister or crack even in extremes of weather and has admirably withstood everything from arctic conditions to the sun exposure experienced in the Far East. We are 100% confident in its ability to cope with UK weather conditions (extreme as they sometimes may be!)

We use products from leading brands: Anti Slip Protan Flat Roofing Systems, Saranfil Waterproofing Systems and Alritra Membranes – renowned for their performance enhancing properties. UV resistance and solar reflection comes from a top layer of titanium dioxide. This requires no further covering and forms a lacquer type surface that is almost maintenance free and easy to keep clean. It will not host moss or algae and being breathable will help reduce the likelihood of condensation problems.

Since this type of flat roof installation requires no additional layers and is not affected by different weather conditions we can maintain a year-round service and provide flat roofing solutions during spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Please contact us to find out more and obtain free advice and a quote for your flat roof requirements.