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Specialists in flat roof repairs Chigwell.Chigwell.Chigwell.

Flat roofers for Chigwell

As your flat roofer Chigwell, we can be relied upon to deliver flat roof repairs Chigwell for common problems such as leaking roofs, and flat roof systems Chigwell including low-maintenance solutions such as PVC Single-Ply Flat Roofing.

Market leading flat roof systems Chigwell

Flat roofer for Chigwell, High-Tech provides flat roof repairs in Chigwell, Essex and throughout Kent and the London area for both commercial and domestic clients. From flat roof repairs Chigwell, to innovative new flat roof systems Chigwell we are ideal flat roofers Chigwell for refurbishment projects and new developments.

High-Tech - no 1 flat roofer Chigwell

Few flat roofers Chigwell can rival High-Tech for its expertise, professionalism and customer focus. With a satellite office nearby and a head office in South Benfleet we can promise a rapid local response backed by all the benefits of an established major flat roofing company.

Engineered for waterproofing

Flat roofing system technology has come a long way over recent years. Where we used to have to rely upon traditional felting materials, today we have state of the art Single-Ply Membrane solutions that bring far better benefits:

Maximum waterproofing; no algae or moss growth; minimised risk of condensation; no warping or lifting, blistering or cracking; easy to clean and virtually maintenance –free.

High-Tech uses only highly established and tried and tested brands - products that have been used for commercial applications across the world and typically are architect specified fro prestigious projects and developments. What better endorsement for your domestic flat roofing requirements?

Our flat roof repair and installation solutions promise aesthetic good looks, optimum waterproofing protection and trouble-free living. What’s more they come with an insurance backed lifetime guarantee.

This means that in the very unlikely event that should you experience any problems with your flat roof refurbishment or new installation, we will resolve the issue for you free of charge within a 25 year period. Your guarantee is also transferrable should you decide to sell your property and move on. It’s the kind of reassurance that High-Tech customers really appreciate.

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