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Specialists in flat roof repairs Dartford.Dartford.Dartford.

Flat roofers for Dartford

As your flat roofer Dartford, we can be relied upon to deliver flat roof repairs Dartford for common problems such as leaking roofs, and flat roof systems Dartford including low-maintenance solutions such as PVC Single-Ply Flat Roofing.

Market leading flat roof systems Dartford

Flat roofer for Dartford, High-Tech provides flat roof repairs in Dartford and throughout Kent and the London area for both commercial and domestic clients. From flat roof repairs Dartford, to innovative new flat roof systems Dartford we are ideal flat roofers Dartford for refurbishment projects and new developments.

High-Tech - no 1 flat roofer Dartford

Few flat roofers Dartford can rival High-Tech for its expertise, professionalism and customer focus. With a satellite office nearby and a head office in South Benfleet we can promise a rapid local response backed by all the benefits of an established major flat roofing company.

Backed by a lifetime guarantee

For our customers’ peace of mind, all High-Tech flat roofing systems are top brand, highly recommended, expertly fitted and carry a lifetime guarantee.

This is a no quibble guarantee covering full product and labour warranty. It is even transferable on request so if you opt to sell your property, the new owner can enjoy the benefits of flat roofing protection for the years remaining in the 25 year term.

If you are the original flat roof system purchaser and you still own that same property after 25 years, we will honour your guarantee until the property is sold on or inherited – so our lifetime term really means lifetime.

Partly underwritten by Homepro, you can be sure that should we be unable to meet our obligations, Homepro will take on al liabilities and you will be protected. This policy is called Homepro Value Plus and is a paid up policy upon completion of contract. This policy cannot lapse under any circumstances.

High-Tech is a member of the Fair Trades Association, a body that focuses on insurance backed guarantee programmes for the domestic sector. Our membership is further testament to our status as a reputable firm and quality assurance.

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