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High-tech is the preferred flat roofer Maldon for an increasing number of customers. We are the ideal choice for common flat roof repairs Maldon, such as blistering felt flat roofs. We are also recognised for our single-ply flat roof systems. Maldon customers benefit from the latest flat roof technology – our flat roof systems for Maldon are virtually maintenance free, safe and economical.

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Maldon locals using High-Tech as their flat roofer for Maldon can be sure of professionalism across every aspect of our work. From flat roof repairs Maldon to the installation of top brand flat roof systems, Maldon customers trust us to provide end to end solutions.

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Other flat roofers Maldon aspire to High-Tech’s standards. As your flat roofers Maldon we offer swift responsiveness and all the advantages that come from a long established flat roofing firm.

If you need flat roof repairs Maldon, a skilled flat roofer Maldon or proven flat roofers Maldon, High-Tech will be happy to help with domestic or commercial projects of all scales.

Flat roofs are very common in all types of properties. Typically they are found on extensions, garages, dormas, porches, roof gardens and sometimes even as part of the main house roof. They tend to be constructed from timber decking, attached to the main roof joists, layered over with mineral felt and more often than not, finished over with stone chippings.

Felt will by its nature age and weather. It often blisters up in heat – making it brittle and liable to crack as temperatures rise. This unfortunately also causes the felt system to move, putting extra strain on vulnerable areas such as the edges, around Velux windows and so on. Mineral felt roofs also soon become mossy, creating further roof surface problems.

Usually felt roof problems occur over a long period of time. Water ingress may be slow and sustained, causing a lot of destruction before you are even aware of an internal leak. This can be very costly as can the short span insurance cover often provided by insurers. Many will not cover household contents covered by a felt roof that is more than seven years old.

The ideal solution comes from High-Tech’s top of the range Single-Ply Membrane flat roofing solutions – affordable, effective and guaranteed for a lifetime. Contact us to discover more.