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Flat Roofs

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We are licensed installers for the highly acclaimed Sarnafil membranes, Cefil single-ply and, our preferred system, the Protan anti-slip PVC single-ply flat roof system.

We are specialists in the field of single-ply waterproofing membranes, giving freedom of choice in flat roof design for new and refurbishment construction. We have installed, and proudly guarantee, over 9,000 flat roof installations throughout Essex, Kent and the London regions. Here at High-Tech we have an untarnished reputation and we are 100% committed to customer care and satisfaction.

With proven technology, we will permanently solve flat flat roof problems.

Flat Roofs

Our roofing membranes are dimensionally stable and unaffected by expansion contraction. Its performance is proven in all climates and they are more than able to meet the challenges of the UK weather. A titanium dioxide top layer provides optimum UV resistance and is solar reflective, meaning that it will never require any further coverings and making it 100% maintenance free. The membranes are also resistant to moss and algae, while the vapour capabilities safeguard against blisters and cracking. 01268859613

The membranes are permanently secured to the roof structure, giving maximum protection from wind uplift.

Flat Roofs

All joins carry a permanent fusion weld, giving superior strength and waterproofing. All exposed edges and up stands are steel reinforced and mechanically fixed, along with a fusion weld to form a solid storm resistant edge.

High-Tech creates a waterproof sealed envelope, over the whole of the roof, that will never become brittle or crack, is storm resistant and also 100% watertight…

… and it’s all guaranteed for life!

Flat Roofs