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Commercial Flat Roof Projects

  • 27 Jan, 2015

Project Description

Installations and complete flat roofing systems to the commercial sector

A flat roof to a business property would normally be classed as a commercial project and will have a very wide spectrum in size. Our nominated membranes are very much an architect driven product. High-Tech Membrane Roofing is licensed to install Protan, Sarnafil and Alwitra Single-Ply systems.

Single-Ply are strong flexible sheets composed mainly of synthetic polymer, all joins carry a fusion weld forming a continuous waterproofing and are 100% resistant to weathering, chemical oxidation and U V radiation and no artificial surface protection is required. Single-Ply offers freedom of choice in roof design, performance and appearance to suit new and refurbishment construction.

Please view a selection of commercial projects installed in the UK.